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Our Story

We’re looking for people who have a quirky sense of humor and aren’t afraid to use it. We've found that these aren’t just tee shirts, they’re conversation starters. If you’re on the shy side, give a little eye contact when people are checking out your shirt. If you smile, you’ll start a conversation. The right t-shirt can help you find your tribe.

Who are we?

We’re Tom and Karin, and we happen to be married to each other. We met in the tech world, so we not only know techies, we are nerds ourselves. Tom is a completely geeky geek (physics, computer programming, math, science) and Karin is a word person (studied French and Spanish, fluent in English, childhood ambition: poet in her spare time). We are also both artists.

Karin does mixed media using wood, paint, fabric and any found object she can get away with bringing home. On road trips she doesn’t want to go shopping, but she's been known to collect “great stuff” from beaches and piles of cast-off wood.

Tom does bronze casting and traditional printmaking when he finds the time, and also writes custom graphics software to do digital art, some of which even ends up on tee shirts. Doesn’t everyone love writing Illustrator scripts?

Creating t-shirts was an unexpected fork in the road for us, but it’s a perfect combination of word play and visuals that we get to have fun with every day.

Talk to us!

We crave data.

We’d love to hear from you. Do you like the shirts? Is there anything you’d change?

We are interested in any feedback, like what sizes of shirts we offer, colors, styles, and anything else. Is there a topic we should put on t-shirts? Do you guys want hoodies? Long sleeves? Is our website clear and easy to use? If not, how should we improve it?

We’re planning to create a way for anyone to submit tee ideas, but we don’t have that set up yet. When we do, please consider us as a place to publish that great idea you had about polynomials, because, hey, math is hysterical!