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Care instructions

T-shirts will last longer and retain their color better if you wash them inside out in cool water with a mild detergent. The lower the drying temperature, the less shrinkage you'll have. We want you to order the right size--please see the section below with tips for choosing a size and a sizing table. The organic shirts run small!

Gift certificates

Here's the easiest way to get sizes, colors, and designs just the way your geek wants them: send them a gift certificate. You can buy gift certificates in any amount, and leftover credit is held in the recipient's account. Simple! You can click here to order one.

About Tees For Your Head t-shirts

We've checked out a lot of shirt manufacturers and we chose good quality shirts for men, women, and kids.

We've learned that the world of blank t-shirts is crazier than you'd imagine. Manufacturers suddenly stop making certain lines, or they stop making, for example, chocolate in women's styles but not in men's. We've hit both of these issues, and we realized that we have to choose great blanks for you, and let go of controlling it beyond that. 

So although we will try to avoid it, you may get one brand one time the first time you order, and another brand the second time. There may be slight differences in fit or cut. We'll do our best to find equivalent styles, but the blanks won't always be identical.

All our shirts are ring spun, which makes them feel soft and yummy. (Yummy is a technical term allowed by the FTC to describe textile garments.) The women’s shirts are styled for women with shorter sleeves and shaped side seams. If you don't like that, just order a men's style. Remember, they’re all yummy!

Sizes available
Men's relaxed fit (the old-school box cut) tees are available from Small to 2XL. Men's trim fit tees are available from Small to 4XL. Women's tees are available from Small to 2XL.

We've also got youth tees, so don't forget the budding Einsteins and Noethers in your life. No doubt you know that Amalie (aka Emmy) Noether was a very important mathematician whose Noether's theorem is at the center of the modern view in physics of the relationship between conservation laws and symmetry. Right? You knew that already? Great.

Also, full disclosure requires we reveal that we named our adopted stray cat Emmy because she is so smart. Yes, we are geeky like that.

Our printing process

We spent many months learning how to print on a direct-to-garment (DTG) printer, and realized that we didn't want to spend our time printing shirts. We then spent weeks sourcing other printers and sending them test shirts. We have really high standards, but finally we found vendors who could do what we wanted.

One of the reasons we went with DTG is that our designs can be very detailed, with limitless colors. The images have good durability, especially if you turn your shirts inside out to wash.

DTG printers use water-based inks, which means NO PLASTIC was harmed in the making of our shirts. Or rather, no one is harmed by plastic. Conventional silk screening uses toxic PVC plastics; new silk screen inks are better for the environment, but a lot of people are still using the old inks, which is not good for any of us. We realize that many of you guys care as much about the environment as we do.

Delivery times

Our main print vendor says they ship within 7 to 10 business days, and then the post office has to do its part. So to do the math for you, it will generally take about 12-14 business days to get your shirt.


We want you to love your Thus Spake tee. We will accept your unworn, unwashed, clean tee-shirt for refund or exchange, or your washed tee that just doesn't fit anymore after washing. Please return the shirt within 15 days (if possible) along with your packing slip (so we can see who you are and where to send your new item!) and record whether you’d like a different size, different color or design, or a refund. Shipping is not refundable. 

You can trust us to make it right, so please talk to us if you’re not happy.