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gift certificate

Please see below for details on ordering and delivery.


Product Code: GFT

A  B  O U  T       T  H  I  S       P  R  O  D  U  C  T

So many designs, so little time to choose. So give a gift certificate! They are good for one year from date of purchase.

There are some things to know when ordering a gift certificate. First, decide whether you want the lucky recipient to get the certificate by email or postal mail.

If you choose email delivery, there are some choices to make: you can simultaneously send multiple certificates to multiple addresses, but the amounts and messages must all be the same. (If you enter a person's name, it will show up on every certificate!). Alternatively, you can put as many certificates in your cart as you'd like, with personalized info, as long as you add each certificate to the cart separately. Just follow the prompts and you'll see where you can personalize the details like a recipient's name and a message.

If you prefer to receive the gift certificate(s) yourself via postal mail, you can order multiple gift certificates in the same amount with the same message all at once, but if you want different names, messages, or amounts on the certificates, you need to add them to the shopping cart one by one, because each one is a different product.

If you want us to send certificates via postal mail to different addresses, you need to put each certificate in its own order because the system can handle only one shipping address per order.

Whew. Sorry. We're locked into this by our shopping cart! We'd simplify it if we could.

You can use one of the pre-set dollar amounts, or create your own for any amount, with a minimum of $10. The recipient will be able to use any credit left over after ordering. (They have to create an account with us when they use the certificate so the system can keep track of their credit balance.)